A Game of Give and Take

Editorial design
12 cards size of 134x190 mm
Screen printed

A Game of Give and Take: A Reflection on Collaboration in Practice is a report written by me based on my collaboration with Rezzan Hasoglu, product designer based in London. I focused on to embed the idea of collaboration within the graphic design. As a result, I came up with the idea of puzzle like cards that need to be matched to read the whole.

I screen-printed the design on 3 mm cardboards in LCC Screen-printing Workshop, working alone in the entire process. I worked with three A2 sized screens. After I completed screen-printing, I used laser cutting to trim the cards by 134x190 mm. I screen-printed it in blue and white but it was more difficult to work with white since it dries out very quickly.

Year: March 2018
Content: Ekin Isim
Graphic Design: Ekin Isim Photography: Ekin Isim Printed at London College of Communication


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