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Alegria is a boutique perfume brand produced in Istanbul. Its founder, Alegra, approached us for the brand development. Her brief was that the brand should hold a spiritual meaning.

We positioned Alegria as a sophisticated brand, which highlights the mysterious and the spiritual. We embedded its founder’s own life story and teachings as a conscious breathing instructor into the brand. To visualize these notions, we worked on creating a number of geometric patterns that take inspiration from the sacred geometry and the flower of life. 

We combined gold with grenadine red, which is the main ingredient of XVII. Alegria XVII is planned to be the first perfume of the series, the others will be designed accordingly.

Year: November, 2016
Client: Alegra Benardete Studio: Atelier Nese Nogay
Graphic Design: Ekin Isim, Nese Nogay
Art Direction: Nese Nogay
Photography: Eylül Ezik
Styling: Tarık Gül
Studio photography: Fevzi Ondu

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