Editorial Design

Epidotte designs and makes fashion & home ware accessories made from a unique washable, flexible, eco-friendly paper. The brand aims to spread the energy of organic lifestyle with Epidotte philosophy that provides people a new smart ecological approach in their daily life.

Our task was to design products' catalogue for Epidotte. In the front and back cover, we used the eco-friendly paper from which Epidotte products are made to highlight this natural and raw material. We created a minimalist design in order to reflect the brand's philosophy. In addition to that, some pages of the brochure with still life photography is detachable in order to be taken as postcards.

Year: August, 2016
Client: Epidotte
Studio: Atelier Nese Nogay
Graphic Design: Ekin Isim
Art Direction: Nese Nogay
Still Life Photography: Jacqueline Roditi


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