Expression is an Object’s Right


Expression is an Object’s Right is the final outcome of my one year long process in MA Graphic Branding and Identity at UAL: London College of Communication. It aims to response to the question of “Emotional Materialism: How to revalue material culture through feelings?” by creating a point of difference and referring to my research through out my Master’s.

There is this stigma around material culture, which thinks of object-person relationships as subversive and believes objects can drag people into an illusionary comfort. I aim to break this stigma and uncover a form of relationship, in which everyday objects are respected and valued by human on a mutual level.

I represent the issue from the objects’ points of view and revealed an alternate-universe that positions objects as autonomous beings with feelings of their own. The brand is a movement initiated by The Chair to empower everyday objects with rights to express themselves in reaction to the imbalance between people and objects.

The video is created in the format of a talk show between The Bar Chair who is the host of the show and The Chair who initiated the movement.  #objectsembraceyourselves

Year: November 2019
Content: Ekin Isim
Video: Ekin Isim


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