Istanbul Archeological Museums

Editorial Design

Istanbul Archaeology Museums are located in Istanbul’s Sultanahmet neighbourhood. It is a group of three museums consisted of Archaeological Museum, Tiled Kiosk Museum and Museum of the Ancient Orient.

Branding of IAM had been my graduation project of BA in Visual Communication Design. Art scene of Istanbul had been increasingly emerging lately and contemporary art galleries attracted more young visitors. On the other hand, through out my research I noticed that almost none of these young art lovers had ever visited Istanbul Archaeology Museums, which houses a collection of great cultural importance. However, IAM had never been in sight as it was missing novelty. Therefore, I chose to work on a comprehensive brand development for the museum, which aims to bring the museum a fresh look along with some innovative ideas.

Year: June 2015
Created for the final year Project Studio Course in BAVCD at Sabanci University
Graphic Design: Ekin Isim Motion Graphics: Ekin Isim


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