MAGB+I Graduation Show 2017-18

Exhibition Identity Design
Editorial Design
64 pages
Simple stitched
Printed with Lithography and Riso

I was a part of the show team who was responsible to design MA in Graphic Branding and Identity 2017-18 Graduation Exhibition. We based the concept behind the exhibition’s identity on personalisation and personal differences. We believe that our personal backgrounds have had a great effect on our process through out the year and shaped the work we produced.

Apart from creating the concept, I was responsible for the graphic design with two of my friends. We designed the abstracts and the catalogue for the Show. Inside of the catalogue was printedn with lithography press at LCC and the cover with Riso.

Year: December, 2019
Designed for the MAGB+I Graduation Show 2017-18
Printed at London College of Communication
Photography and Video: Lina Al-Refai

Graphic Design Team
Ekin Isim
Natalie Shirokova
Xiaoyin Qi

Video Team
Farahani Wan Badrul Hisham
Giovanni la Marca

Interior Design Team
Eléonore van Bavel
Julie van Milders


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