This Object Belongs to...

Editorial Design
170x240 mm
96 pages
Coptic binding
Blind embossing on cover

This Objects Belongs To... is a book that comes in two parts: Visual Summary and Report. Together they form my major project proposal that sums up all the research and work done throughout the 2nd and 3rd term of MA Graphic Branding & Identity. It is also an academic proposal for the future of my major project that aims to respond with a brand intervention to the problem I have been researching about.

Throughout my major project, I have been exploring the world of objects and humans’ relationship to their objects. So far, I have researched on lots of dimensions of the subject such as the subject-object relationship, the material culture, the effect of storytelling on the value of objects and the emotional bond between the people and the objects. The book concentrates on the main themes that have led me to gradually develop my standpoint and my research question. Recently, my research has been focusing on the emotional bond between people and objects and it aims to combine it with the material culture in a unique way creating a point of difference.

It is digitally printed at LCC. Both the visual summary and the report is Coptic bound. The inserts are 3 to 5 holes pamphlet stitch bound inside of the visual summary. A blind emboss is applied on both sides of the front cover. All the content, graphic design, printing process and binding belongs to me.

Year: June 2018
Content: Ekin Isim
Graphic Design: Ekin Isim
Binding: Ekin Isim
Photography: Ekin Isim
Printed at London College of Communication


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